Thursday, September 13, 2012

It Lives!

I am attempting a resuscitation on this pitiful blog that I let fall into a coma about two years ago. Why, I hear you asking yourself, did I let it slip away in the first place?


That's it. My simple, straightforward and unadorned confession of weakness.

 When I write, I like to use humor, I like to feel witty and amuse people. When I am stressed out or unhappy I don't write... In fact, except for some rare exceptions, when I am depressed, I communicate as little as possible (except to my hubby...and I apologize profusely for making him listen to me... and he chastises me for apologizing... we came up with this system ourselves and we are very proud of it).

 I am about to change that.

When I am unhappy, stressed out, pissed off, scared, or even just feeling maudlin I am going to let it out here. When I am happy, excited, hyper and just jacked on life in general that's going to be here too.

 I am bipolar with a severe anxiety disorder. I have friends who are also bipolar, suffer from chronic depression, have personality disorders and some of you are pretty damn near psychotic. In all honesty, when I spend any extended amount of time talking to someone who seems entirely normal, I start to worry. How fucked up do you have to be in order to hide it that well.

 So I want all my beautifully damaged peoples to hang here with me. Be prepared for all of it, ranting, laughing, crying, raging, horrifying punctuation problems, misspellings and any random weirdness that just happens to be taking a stroll through my head. I will at least try to keep it interesting.

 Oh... also a quick note about comments. You can say any damn thing you feel like saying. If I am going to lay it all out here...I will expect no less from y'all.


  1. Just be you, girl. Say whatever you need to, everyone will accept you no matter what <3

    1. Thanks for the response honey. I feel alone here a lot of the time, especially now when a lot of my friends have moved on and I feel like I'm back in highschool trying to find a lunch table to sit at. I am going to write some fun stuff too so don't worry it won't all be downers.

  2. I used to hide my depression too, I still apologize for it, but to me ...talking about it helps me fight the urge to slit my own throat. So talk away, darling... I'm here to be "beautifully damaged" with you .

    1. I always love to here from you. You are like my intellectual/emotional sister. Need all your love and support right now, and need to give you all of mine. Hang in I promise to give you a good giggle now and then.


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